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Dr. Monika Undorf - Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prizewinner 2020

Cognitive Psychology, University of Mannheim

Dr. Monika Undorf

Dr. Monika Undorf


Monika Undorf is an experimental psychologist and an expert in metacognition, particularly metamemory. This term refers to knowledge about one's own memory – in other words, knowledge about how we learn and retain information. One key question for researchers is how metamemory judgements come about and how we acquire knowledge about our own memory. In her experimental studies, Undorf has shown that experiences at the moment of learning and storing content contribute significantly to metamemory judgements. Building on innovative method development, Undorf's findings have made important contributions to the theoretical and empirical development of memory research and have quickly gained international attention. Her DFG-funded work has been published in high-calibre international journals.



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