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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ingrid Kramm - Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prizewinner 2020

Physical Chemistry of Solids, Technical University of Darmstadt

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ingrid Kramm

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ingrid Kramm

© S.-T. Kramm

Platinum and platinum alloys are currently used as catalysts in the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells. The optimisation of the individual stages in the reaction is a fundamental problem. The search for more cost-effective catalyst materials is also economically and societally important. This is the area in which Ulrike Ingrid Kramm's research is focused, and she has made key contributions to understanding the active centres of transition metal complexes. Kramm's methodologically broad and interdisciplinary approach has enabled her, among other things, to establish Mössbauer spectroscopy as an essential technique in electrocatalysis. Kramm has published her results, achieved with the help of DFG funding, in prominent journals.



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