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Dr. Dr. Daniel Kotlarz - Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prizewinner 2020

Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine, LMU Munich

Dr. Dr. Daniel Kotlarz

Dr. Dr. Daniel Kotlarz


Daniel Kotlarz investigates the genetic causes of primary immunodeficiencies – rare and heterogeneous groups of genetic defects that can affect the immune system in many different ways – in early-onset forms of chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Kotlarz's work as project leader in a DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre has demonstrated for the first time that individual genes can also trigger these conditions, which in turn has provided important stimuli for personalised treatment strategies. He also leads a Junior Research Group in the department of paediatric gastroenterology at Boston Children's Hospital at Harvard Medical School, which uses animal models to understand human immunodeficiencies. Kotlarz has documented his work in numerous high-calibre publications as both first and co-author.

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