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Prof. Dr. Stefan Cihan Aykut - Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prizewinner 2019

Sociology, Universität Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Stefan Cihan Aykut
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Prof. Dr. Stefan Cihan Aykut

© Prof. Dr. Stefan Cihan Aykut

Stefan Cihan Aykut’s research focuses on the sociological study of climate discourse and climate policy. He is particularly interested in the comparison of Germany and France. Aykut has studied and researched in both countries, publishing in German, English and French. He has placed national discourses and policies in their European and global context, which gave rise to his dissertation “How to Govern a Global Risk? The Construction of Climate Change as a Public Problem at the Global and European Levels, in France and Germany” (in French in the original). In his research, Aykut innovatively brings together research approaches and methods from political science, sociology, and science and technology studies. He combines empirical observation with hermeneutics and discourse analysis, with historical depth of focus. Aykut’s analyses also have impact in a political and social context.



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