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Dr. Olivier Namur

Mineralogy, University of Hannover

Olivier Namur

Olivier Namur

© (privat) Olivier Namur

Olivier Namur collected a number of awards while still a student in Belgium and now publishes in his specialist field – the study of volcanic systems and magmatic processes on Earth, the Moon and Mercury – with remarkable impact in international bodies. Namur has developed thermodynamic models not only of the crystallization of magmas, but also of their physical properties. His research has also resulted in new experimental high-pressure, high-temperature methods. Another focus of Namur’s research is the investigation and modelling of the textures of minerals in igneous rock, which contain information about the transport of materials and temporal processes in the Earth’s deep crust. In recent years this has included crystal mushes, magmas with a very high crystalline content, which reach the surface as fragments due to eruptions and could provide clues as to the structure of the Earth’s lower crust.



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