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Prof. Dr. Isabell Otto

Media Studies, University of Konstanz

Isabell Otto

Isabell Otto

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Isabell Otto pursues an innovative approach in cultural media studies. She places the very fast-paced developments in digital media in cogent theoretical contexts and at the same time interprets patterns using actual instances. Examples include her discursive and analytical studies of media violence and aggressive behaviour in films, television series and computer games. In 2010, Isabell Otto was appointed Junior Professor for Media Studies at the University of Konstanz and awarded a fellowship under the Fast Track funding programme of the Robert Bosch Foundation. As head of the DFG network "Media of Collective Intelligence" and current deputy spokesperson for the DFG's "Media and Participation. Between Demand and Entitlement" Research Unit in which she holds a Research Unit professorship, she focuses particularly on issues of community and participation. In her postdoctoral thesis "Chronologies under the Constraints of Digital Media", Isabell Otto looked at temporality in the digital sphere.



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