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Professor Dr. Dag Nikolaus Hasse

Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, University of Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Dag Nikolaus Hasse

Prof. Dr. Dag Nikolaus Hasse

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Philologist and philosopher Dag Nikolaus Hasse has opened up fundamental new insights into the beginnings of modern Europe, for which he is now being recognised with the Leibniz Prize. His oeuvre is primarily concerned with the relationships between Christian-Latin, Arabic and Jewish philosophy, theology and natural science from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment. In a series of studies Hasse has demonstrated how intensive and fertile the cultural exchange was between scholars and institutions in the Orient and the Occident. In his work, he brings together historical-philological research with the detective's powers of observation and new analytical methods he has developed himself. For example, with the aid of computer-based methods he identified peculiarities of language among individual translators of Arabic texts and thus reconstructed their influence on the great schools of translation as well as courtly scholarship in the East and West. Equally seminal are two long-term projects under his leadership which are shedding light on the changes to the Ptolemaic worldview in the West-East dialogue and connections in terms of scholarly language between the Latin and the Arabic world.

Dag Hasse has been teaching history of philosophy in Würzburg since 2005. He studied Latin, Greek, Arabic, philosophy and history of philosophy in Göttingen, Yale, Tübingen and London, and in his dissertation and other early studies on Avicenna and Aristotle he already laid the foundation for his original and highly regarded research.



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