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Europa-Preis 2010

The 22nd European Union Contest for Young Scientists in Lisbon

The 22nd European Union Contest for Young Scientists in Lisbon


At the 22nd European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in Lisbon this week, two second-place prizes, worth 5,000 euros each, were awarded to Simon Schuldt and to Luca Banszerus and Michael Schmitz. Simon Schuldt received an additional award for originality from the European Patent Office (EPO). A fourth German researcher, Andreas Lang, also received the "Special Prize from Portugal".

The young researchers, aged 18–19, are all 2010 winners of the federal contest "Jugend forscht"(young people doing research): Simon Schuldt in technology, Luca Banszerus and Michael Schmitz in physics and Andreas Lang in mathematics/computer science. They prepared for their participation at EUCYS in Lisbon with the newly endowed DFG Europa-Preis.

The DFG Europa-Preis (Europe Award) was granted to selected winners of the federal competition "Jugend forscht" and consists of a monetary award of 1,000 euros for each project group and a mentoring programme. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) brought together researchers from various generations, establishing contacts with experienced researchers from the respective subject area and providing financial support for exchanges between researchers. The young researchers could thus prepare for the European competition together with their mentors. This included, for example, visiting institutes, preparing sample presentations in English and enhancing their technical knowledge to further develop their projects.

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