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Statements and Publications

Online Publications

Print Publications (available only in german)

  • Predictive Genetic Diagnostics (2003)
  • Recommendations by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft on Research Involving Human Stem Cells (2001)
  • Human Genome Research and Predictive Genetic Diagnostics: Possibilities – Boundaries - Consequences (1999)
  • Genetic Research and Patenting (1996)
  • Genetic Engineering and Food (1996)
  • Planning and Executing Clinical Trials in Somatic Cell and Gene Therapy in the Federal Republic of Germany (1995)

The updated German/English print version was published in April 2007 by the Wiley-Verlag under the following title:

"Stammzellforschung in Deutschland – Möglichkeiten und Perspektiven / Stem Cell Research in Germany – Possibilities and Perspectives" published by the Senate Commission on Genetic Research.

For information about DFG publications, please contact Michael Hönscheid (+ 49(0) 228/885-2109 or michael.hoenscheid@dfg.de).

Publications Concerning the Work of the Senate Commission on Genetic Research

Online Publications

Print Publications (available only in German)

  • Statement on Human Embryonic Stem Cell (1999)
  • Statement on Perspectives in Genome Research (1999)