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Review Board Election 2023

Your vote for science! –Review Board Election for the 2024-2028 Membership Period

In this section you will find information on the 2023 review board election. Note that only the information contained in the German-language version of the Election Regulations (Wahlordnung, DFG form 70.01) is legally binding.

Overview of the stages of the review board election

Autumn 2020 to spring 2022Determination of the structure of subject areas
Spring 2022 to summer 2022Conferment of the subject specific right to nominate candidates
Spring 2022 to summer 2023Compilation of the list of candidates
Spring 2023 to autumn 2023Conferment of the right to vote on an individual basis
23rd October 2023, 2 pm to
20th November 2023, 2 pm