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Who Is Eligible to Vote?

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The right to vote is governed by § 2 of the Election Regulations. This provision distinguishes two types of voting rights. In most cases, all researchers holding a doctorate are eligible to vote if they work in scientific or academic research at an established voting centre. In individual cases, the right to vote is granted on an individual basis by the DFG Senate.

The exact voting requirements are governed by § 2 of the Election Regulations.

Voter Registration

Persons who meet the requirements for voting in the election must be registered as voters so they can receive the voting documentation with the access information for the online voting system.

In most cases (for about 97 percent of eligible voters), each established voting centre registers the researchers working and eligible to vote there. Voting centres begin registering voters as soon as they are established. Voter registration usually occurs from October/November 2018 through May 2019.

In exceptional cases (for about 3 percent of eligible voters), the right to vote is granted on an individual basis. It may be given to individuals who meet the personal criteria for voting but are not working as researchers at an established voting centre. Such individuals must be nominated by research institutions that meet the criteria according to § 2 No. 4 of the Election Regulations Whether the right to vote will be granted to a nominee on an individual basis is decided by the President of the DFG. This decision is expected in August/September 2019. For researchers who are granted the right to vote on an individual basis, the DFG serves as the voting centre. The DFG Head Office registers such individuals as eligible voters and sends the voting documentation to them.