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Review Board Election 2019

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Your vote for science!

The abbreviated English translation of the German election portal and other election information are provided for informational purposes. All English texts were carefully translated and reviewed for accuracy. In the event that the English and German versions of the election documents permit different interpretations, the German text shall prevail.

Who can be elected?

To find out who the candidates are, see the list of candidates for the 2019 review board election.

To find out how candidates were chosen, see

Who is eligible to vote and how to vote online?

About 150,000 scientists and academics working within the German research system are eligible to elect the DFG review boards by online ballot every four years.

Researchers who are eligible to vote in this online election will receive their voting documentation well before the beginning of the voting period from their institution (voting centre). For those few persons who have been granted the right to vote on an individual basis by the DFG, the DFG will serve as the voting centre. The voting documentation allows voters to cast their electronic ballots on any internet-enabled computer.

Why vote?

The direct election of review board members is an important element in the system of scientific self-governance with regard to the distribution of grants through the DFG.

By voting

  • you play an active role in the self-governance of the research community,
  • you have the opportunity to choose individuals to represent your academic subject area.

Information on the tasks of the review boards can be found at:

Where can you ask questions?

Research institutions functioning as voting centres are responsible for identifying all individuals eligible to vote at the respective institution and for distributing the voting documentation to them. In addition, each voting centre announces the upcoming review board election within the institution (e.g. through bulletins or newsletters).

Please turn to your voting centre if you have any questions regarding voter registration and voting documentation.