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International Strategy

One of the DFG's main responsibilities is to support international cooperation in research. The most important aim of the DFG's international activities is to intensify international cooperation between researchers, scientific and academic institutions and funding organisations and to systematically identify and utilise new potential for cooperation. By observing and analysing the general framework of science policy and in cooperation with foreign partner organisations, the DFG contributes to the formulation of scientific, infrastructural, ethical and legal standards in the funding of international research projects. In this way, working in dialogue with foreign partner organisations, the DFG helps to strengthen Germany's national research system and its position as a research nation.

The DFG's internationalisation strategy

In its internationalisation strategy, the DFG sets out the various ways in which it aims to promote the internationalisation of German research and engage in the formulation of international and European research policy.

The DFG's strategic international orientation also applies in the following contexts: