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First “Research in Germany” Booth at the 2018 MSE Congress

Well-attended events and successful cooperation with the DGM

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(22.11.18) The Materials Science and Engineering Congress (MSE) takes place every two years at the Darmstadt University of Technology. With about 1,500 participants from approximately 50 different countries, it is one of Europe’s largest English-speaking materials science conferences, with growing significance worldwide.

The DFG’s call to participate in the joint “Research in Germany” booth was answered by numerous university and non-university research institutions. Representatives from Externer LinkKiel University, the Externer LinkUniversity of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Externer LinkAalen University of Applied Sciences, the Externer LinkKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, the technical universities of Externer LinkBergakademie Freiberg, Externer LinkDarmstadt and Externer LinkDresden, and Externer LinkSaarland University were joined by the Externer LinkFraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Externer LinkHelmholtz Association, Externer LinkLeibniz Association and Externer LinkMax Planck Society. This offered the numerous German and international visitors an impressive cross-section of the research landscape as well as an opportunity for intensive scientific dialogue. Discussions were inspired not least by exhibits such as a virtual 3D tour of the clean room of a research institute, a microscope for observing micro thermoelectric coolers, 3D-printed models, and test tubes with magnetic nanoparticles, encapsulated nanoparticles and quantum dots.

German-Argentinian-American information session

In addition to providing information at the booth, the “Research in Germany” initiative participated in an Externer Linkinformation and networking event for conference participants from the guest country of Argentina, which was jointly organised by the DGM, SAM (Argentine Society for Metals) and the American TMS (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society). In numerous presentations, speakers talked about research, career and cooperation opportunities in and with Germany, Argentina and the US and shared their own research experiences. Here, “Research in Germany” gave an overview of the German research landscape, introducing fellowship programmes from German funding organisations. The lively and practical statements from Argentinian-born DAAD fellow Gonzalo Barbeito, Bundeswehr University Munich, and Humboldt fellow Dr. Marcos Soldera, Technical University of Dresden, particularly illustrated the wide range of possibilities and were a great success with the Argentinian audience, earning appreciative applause.

Science Breakfast highlight

The highlight of the “Research in Germany” activities at the MSE was the Science Breakfast, organised jointly with the DGM. As the sun rose over Darmstadt, 40 international early career researchers and experts from the German research landscape met for consultation sessions. At six different topic tables, over whole grain sandwiches and muesli, participants discussed various issues, including diversity within the German research system, opportunities for international researchers in Germany and career options. Despite the early start, the participants engaged in lively conversation, continuing their discussions in the DGM Lounge long after the sessions had ended.

Successful cooperation between “Research in Germany” and the German Materials Society

The participation of “Research in Germany” at the MSE was made possible through successful collaboration with the organising body, the DGM. Advance discussions began a year prior to the event, and the spirit of cooperation became particularly evident in the jointly furnished lounge, where the traditional MSE seat cubes were joined for the first time by “Research in Germany” cubes.

Following this initial success, “Research in Germany” and the DGM intend to build on their cooperation in the future, for example with further joint appearances at international conferences in the field of materials science and materials engineering.

About the conference

The MSE is hosted by the German Materials Society (DGM), which also organises the conference together with one of its affiliates. In addition to a comprehensive scientific programme providing a framework of symposia, plenary lectures and accompanying events for discussions on the latest developments and research results in materials science and materials engineering, the MSE’s programme also includes an exhibit and a special opportunity for a specific guest country. This year that guest country was Argentina. Both the Argentine Society for Metals (SAM) and its US sister organisation, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), acted as additional congress partners, offering joint events for researchers.