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International Research Marketing –                     “Research in Germany”

Key aspects and activities of the DFG

International Research Marketing - Research in Germany
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Outstanding researchers, knowledge acquisition, innovation, international networking, global competitiveness – these are the essential components for a country in becoming an effective and globally attractive hub of research. Interner Linkmore



Key aspects of the DFG's international research marketing activities:

  • The Ideas Competition: International Research Marketing to support independent research marketing activities by German universities and research institutions
  • Joint presence at international academic conferences to promote Germany as a location for research in specific fields
  • Research marketing activities for and in association with the new Clusters of Excellence
  • FORUM International Research Marketing 2020 with topic-based workshops for the exchange of professional knowledge, networking and advanced training
  • Development of information products for specific subject areas and target groups

These marketing measures provide a service to German research. The involvement in the initiative by other players of the German research landscape is encouraged.

Further Information

Ideas Competition       2019

The aim of the competition is to enhance Germany's visibility as a strong, attractive research location and partner in the global research system. Interner Linkmore

Subject-specific Materials

The subject-specific information material provides an introduction to the German research landscape and key areas of research in specific fields. Interner Linkmore

International Research Marketing - Research in Germany

BMBF initiative “Research in Germany”

The BMBF initiative “Research in Germany” is the central marketing for Germany as a place of
research and innovation.
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