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Presentations and Panel Topics

DFG President Peter Strohschneider during his introduction

The conference was divided into the following four sessions. Each presentation can be downloaded below.

  • Indicators and Monitoring
    This session took stock of how the proposed set of SDGs and its target and indicator framework relate to existing initiatives, both globally and locally. Conceptual issues, like the information content of indicators, were addressed as well as ways to communicate diverse sets of indicators in a comprehensive and comprehensible manner.
  • Assessment and Evaluation
    The second session provided an overview on the assessment and evaluation issues that are relevant to measuring SDGs with a special focus on interlinkages and challenges concerning scale. It also looked at past experiences with lessons to be learned for assessing SDGs.
  • Synergies and Tough Choices
    While this session did not challenge the SDGs in their present stage, it did address possible trade-offs and synergies between the different goals and ways to handle them and turn obstacles into opportunities.
  • Ownership
    Real world effects of the SDGs will critically depend on their adoption by influential societal groups within member states. This session addressed the question: What are the conditions that positively influence and promote ownership for SDGs at various levels of civil society and other stakeholders?
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