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DFG Hosts Multilateral Meeting of Exascale Computing Projects in Princeton, NJ, USA

Final Project Meeting of the Six Exascale Projects

Final Project Meeting of the Six Exascale Projects

The gothic campus architecture of Princeton University provided a scenic backdrop for a workshop of multinational exascale computing projects held in Princeton, NJ between June 11th and 12th. The funding for the six multinational projects came from the G8 Call in Exascale Computing, launched in 2010, for which the DFG served as host and call secretariat. Further partner organizations were ANR (France), EPSRC (UK), JSPS (Japan), NSERC (Canada), NSF (USA), and RFBR (Russia). Each of the projects included partners from at least three of the participating countries and covered a range of disciplinary domains from the perspective of computational science.

Climate modeling represented the disciplinary focal point for half of the projects, while of the other three came from the fields of seismic imaging, biomolecular systems and nuclear fusion. As Thomas Schulthess, Head of the Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS) and Chair of the evaluating Panel of Experts stated, “the multinational nature of the projects translated into a wholly different and in my opinion higher quality of research. Access to high-performance computers in different countries meant that the projects could run their code in different computing environments, compare different international simulations and also integrate best practices from the different computing communities. Finally, for early career scientists these projects represented a sensational opportunity to start their career in a truly international setting!” Looking back to the first meeting of the Panel of Experts held four years ago, Schulthess added, “what we created here today went well beyond the expectations we had four years ago.”

The G8 Call in Exascale Computing was the first of four calls coordinated within the G8 context.