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Interview Archive „Been in America“

II. Quarter 2022

Jolande Fooken

“Been in America”: Researchers in conversation

(05/13/22) Since November 2020, neuroscientist Dr. Jolande Fooken has been at Queens University, Kingston in the Canadian province of Ontario, where she is on a DFG research fellowship. As a member of John Randall “Randy” Flanagan’s group, she is researching “Gaze and motor control – Patterns of Coordination.” Her interview with the DFG’s North American office covered subjects such as her career progression from studying physics in Aachen and taking a master’s degree in biomedical engineering to her current field of research – and her enthusiasm for the well-known German football club FC Cologne.

Dr. Theophilos Dimitrios Tzaridis

“Been in America”: Researchers in conversation

(04/20/22) Since February 2020, neurologist Dr. Theophilos Dimitrios Tzaridis has held a DFG Walter Benjamin Fellowship at the Sanford-Burnham-Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in San Diego, California, where he is a member of Professor Robert Wechsler-Reya’s group conducting research into strategies for the immunotherapeutic treatment of highly aggressive brain tumours. His interview with the DFG’s North America Office covered his career arc from the German School in Thessaloniki, Greece via Heidelberg and Bonn to San Diego, the role of humour in coping with everyday life, and Otto Rehhagel.


I. Quarter 2022

Dr.-Ing. Bastian Wandt

“Been in America”: German researchers in conversation

(03/24/22) Computer scientist Dr. Bastian Wandt has been with the Department for Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, since autumn 2021. With his DFG Walter Benjamin Fellowship, he conducts research in Helge Rhodin’s group on domain-adaptive capture of human motion and dynamics. His interview with the DFG’s North America office covered his research and the opportunities and risks of having computers learn without being supervised.

Dr. Tiziana Gelmi Candusso

“Been in America”: Researchers in conversation

(02/25/22) Since the fall of 2019, biologist Tiziana Gelmi Candusso is doing postdoctoral resesarch at the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology of the University of Toronto in the group of Marie-Josée Fortin. Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), Dr. Gelmi Candusso investigates the role of red foxes in the urban environment. She spoke with the DFG North America Office about her research, compatibility of family and career, and the surprising cornucopia of wild life in the midst of a metropolis.

Marie C. Schölmerich

“Been in America”: Researchers in conversation

(01/25/22) Molecular Microbiologist Dr. Marie Schölmerich has been at the Innovative Genomics Institute at the University of California in Berkeley since the beginning of 2021 on a Walter Benjamin fellowship provided by the DFG. She is working in Jillian Banfield’s group where she studies still largely enigmatic nanobacteria that lack key metabolic functions and live symbiotically with other organisms. Her interview with the DFG’s North American office covered subjects including her research, the wide spectrum of symbiotic lifestyles, work-life balance, and Borgs.


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