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DBT and DFG announce funding opportunity for Indo-German research in the Life Sciences

(10.12.18) The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and DFG wish to inform the Indian and German scientific communities that effective immediately, it is possible for teams of Indian and German researchers to seek synchronised funding for integrated Indo-German fundamental research projects in the academic disciplines covered by the DBT with a duration of up to three years.

The two agencies expect that proposals submitted under this funding initiative describe ambitious projects of curiosity-driven research in the life sciences, which do not just benefit from but essentially require international collaboration.

“This funding opportunity fills an important gap,” Dr. Matthias Kiesselbach, Director of DFG India Office explains. “While Indians have been able to access DBT funds and Germans have been able to access DFG funds, it has often been pretty difficult to obtain synchronized funding for joint Indo-German projects. This created a problematic funding gap for the kinds of research projects where contributions from both sides – the Indian and the German side – are actually essential for the scientific success of the whole. Such projects from the life sciences can now approach DFG and DBT at the same time and – if positively reviewed – receive funding in a coordinated way.”

DFG India Office emphasizes that DBT and DFG have not earmarked a special budget for this funding opportunity, and that joint proposals will be evaluated separately by DBT and DFG within the respective national competitions. Only if both evaluations issue in a positive verdict can a joint project be funded. Potential applicants who are unsure whether this funding opportunity is the right one for them are advised to contact DFG India Office and / or DBT.

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