Research Integrity

Reports on misconduct in connection with academic research related to DFG-funded research activities and also other types of misconduct

DFG Research Integrity Incident Reporting System

As one of the largest research funding organisations in Europe and the central institution for academic self-governance in Germany, the DFG is aware of its responsibility to promote and support research integrity. The DFG has long advocated honesty in research and in 2019 issued the Code of Conduct “Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice”, an updated orientation framework for integrity in the German research landscape. In addition, a dynamic web portal on research integrity has been created that is continuously updated to include new contributions from the individual academic disciplines.

Up until now, it has been possible to submit incident reports to the DFG Head Office on research misconduct related to DFG-funded research/activities – as well as other types of misconduct – via the usual channels of e-mail, telephone, fax and the postal service. Effective immediately, these channels will be supplemented by the DFG’s electronic Research Integrity Incident Reporting System – a web-based platform that can be used via internet browsers. The reporting system is divided into three categories. Suspicion of:

  1. Research misconduct related to DFG-funded research/activities
  2. Misuse of DFG grant funds
  3. Corruption/conflict of interests related to DFG-funded research/activities

Cases are already processed at the DFG Head Office according to these categories, but the electronic reporting system enables suspicions to be reported in a way that is even more structured. The DFG Research Integrity Incident Reporting System also facilitates encrypted communication with anonymous and non-anonymous complainants/whistleblowers, thereby supporting efficient case handling.

All in all, the system meets the very highest data protection and IT security requirements, protecting both complainants/whistleblowers and those affected by the allegations.

Procedure in cases of suspected research misconduct

The DFG conducts a two-stage process to investigate research misconduct based on its own Rules of Procedure.

Additional research integrity instruments


Research misconduct relating to the DFG

Martin Steinberger
Telephone: +49 (228) 885-3204

Misuse of approved DFG research funds, Corruption / conflict of interests relating to the DFG

Ute Schmidt
Telephone: +49 (228) 885-2361