Funding Opportunities for Joint Workshops by Researchers from Germany and the Brazilian State of São Paulo

(25.11.16) The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the funding agency for the federal state of São Paulo (FAPESP) are announcing a joint call to run German-Brazilian workshops. The aim is to promote the intensification of the collaboration between researchers from Germany and the Brazilian state of São Paulo through joint activities that can form a potential starting point for the development of new bilateral research projects.

The deadline for proposals for the funding of bilateral workshops at the DFG and FAPESP is 24 February 2017.

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Researchers in Germany are asked to submit their proposals via the DFG funding instrument Grants to Support the Initiation of International Collaboration. Researchers in Brazil must apply for funding via the FAPESP programme Organisation of Scientific Meeting (“Auxílio à Pesquisa – Organização de Reunião Científica”), and the research and organisational content must match on both sides. Funds can be provided to the individuals involved for travel expenses, daily allowances and the additional costs of running workshops as per the two organisations’ criteria and funding guidelines. If funding is awarded, a set of two workshops can be funded within a year from the approval date (expected to be in July 2017).

Further Information

Further information on the call, funding criteria and guidelines is available in the links to the corresponding texts of announcements.


Specific guidelines for joint DFG-FAPESP workshops in 2017:

Guidelines on Proposals for Grants to Support the Initiation of International Collaboration with Proposal Preparation Instructions: DFG guidelines 1.813


Specific guidelines for joint DFG-FAPESP workshops in 2017:

General guidelines on organising events to prepare attendees for projects:

Contact for in-depth information on the collaboration between the DFG and FAPESP:

Supervising calls at the DFG:

  • Bettina Schilling,
    Department of Scientific Affairs,
    Coordination of International Research Funding Activities,
    Tel.: +49 228 885-2715,

Contacts for general enquiries into German-Brazilian collaboration:


  • Marina Hesse,
    International Cooperation with Latin America,
    Tel.: +49 228 885-2585,