Call for German-Brazilian Research Projects in Manufacturing Technology

(25.05.16) As part of the BRAGECRIM Agreement (Brazilian German Collaborative Research Initiative in Manufacturing Technology) between the DFG and its Brazilian partner organisations CAPES and CNPq, researchers interested in collaborating with Brazilian colleagues have until 15 June 2016 to submit their proposals. Projects focusing on production sciences will receive funding. In order to apply, participants must already be collaborating with a Brazilian partner in their project.

Brazilian and German researchers submit funding proposals to CAPES or the DFG respectively, and the proposals are reviewed by both funding agencies together. BRAGECRIM is one of the largest German-Brazilian collaborative research initiatives. Within its framework, over 300 researchers from numerous German and Brazilian universities and non-university research organisations have investigated key issues affecting all stages of the production cycle. The programme is currently in its third funding period and the researchers involved meet every year, alternating the location between Brazil and Germany, to exchange information on the current state of the projects.

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Participating Research Institutions in BRAGECRIM

Beteiligte Forschungseinrichtungen in BRAGECRIM