Information event on international research cooperation at the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia

Teilnehmer der Informationsveranstaltung zur internationalen Forschungskooperation an der UACH

Participants at the information event on international research cooperation at the UACH

(05/02/13) An "International Scientific Cooperation" event took place at the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACH) in Valdivia on 2 May. It was organised by the DFG's liaison scientist in Chile, Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kausel and the Director of the International Department of the UACH, Prof. Dr. Charlotte Lovengreen.
Almost 50 researchers from the UACH took part.

The first presentation was given by the Vice-Rector for Research at the UACH, Prof. Dr. Enerso Zumulzu who emphasised the international nature of his university, which can boast more than the average number of co-publications with authors from the US, Spain and Germany. He was followed by the Director for International Cooperation at the National Council for Research in Chile, Dr Gonzalo Arenas, who provided some statistics on funding with Germany and in particular about joint ventures with the DFG. In the third presentation, Dr. Dietrich Halm, Director at the DFG Office Latin America spoke about the DFG's funding programmes, including statistics on current funding with Chile, which is the second-highest in Latin America, following Brazil.
Finally, a presentation by representatives from CONICYT and the DFG concentrated on opportunities for German-Chilean initiatives.

DFG-Vortrag von Dr. Dietrich Halm bei der Informationsveranstaltung an der UACH

DFG presentation by Dr. Dietrich Halm at the information event at the UACH