Other National and International Standards
National Rules of Procedure
The DFG’s recommendations are supplemented by the principles of the Re-
search Ombudsman and in the DFG Rules of Procedure for Dealing with Scien-
tific Misconduct. The currently valid versions can be found on the DFG website.
Principles of Procedure of the Research Ombudsman:
only available in German)
Rules of Procedure for Dealing with Scientific Misconduct (DFG form 80.01):
International Developments
International recommendations on good scientific practice have been set out in
the following publications.
The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2010):
Singapore Statement on Research Integrity (2010):
InterAcademy Council and IAP Policy Report (2012):
Statement of Principles for Research Integrity, Global Research Council (2013):
The Montreal Statement on Research Integrity in Cross-Boundary Research
Collaborations (2013):