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Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 67 | 18. Dezember 2012
NORFACE Transnational Research Programme on Welfare State Futures

The NORFACE network invites proposals for innovative research addressing the theme Welfare State Futures that involve researchers from at least three different eligible countries. Projects with duration of up to three years can be proposed.

Applications to the NORFACE research programme will be processed in two stages. In the first stage, project outline proposals are invited with a deadline of 16 April 2013, 11.59 (noon) Central European Time/10.59 Greenwich Mean Time. Applicants invited to the second stage will receive a notification by late July 2013 inviting them to submit a full proposal before 16 January 2014.

The programme is funded by the fifteen NORFACE partners, including the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The available funding of this major transnational programme now stands at a minimum of €16 million. EU support may also be available for this programme. More information about this additional funding will be available before the evaluation of the full proposals.

For programme details please refer to the NORFACE research programme specifications and call for proposals. For any question regarding the national eligibility rules, please contact the national funding agency. For national contacts in the NORFACE countries, see the call for proposals.

Themes and objectives of the programme
Welfare states are at a critical turning point. The development of welfare systems was one of the defining characteristics of the 20th century, especially in Europe. However, in times of change, it will be important to re-think “the welfare state” with a programme of innovative research designed to ask, and answer, fundamental questions about the design, delivery and experience of welfare in the 21st century.

This programme will have three major objectives:

  • To advance globally excellent theoretical and methodological disciplinary, interdisciplinary and comparative research on Welfare State Futures which builds synergetically on a pan-European basis.
  • To motivate and support excellence and capacity building for research on Welfare State Futures on a cross-national basis throughout the NORFACE countries.
  • To develop understanding and promote research-based knowledge and insight into Welfare State Futures for issues of societal, practical and policy relevance, with theoretical foundations but worked on jointly with relevant users and experts.

This call covers five themes of research on Welfare State Futures, described in detail in the programme text accompanying the call for proposals. These five themes are:

  • People and the welfare state.
  • Inequalities, diversity and welfare states.
  • Re-thinking the economics of the welfare state.
  • The future politics of the welfare state.
  • Shifting responsibilities for welfare.

NORFACE is a network of fifteen research-funding organisations and has been active since 2004. Welfare State Futures is the third joint research programme that NORFACE will fund. Previous programmes have been about “Migration in Europe – Social, Economic, Cultural and Policy Dynamics”, and the “Re-emergence of Religion as a Social Force in Europe”. Partners from the following countries have committed to the NORFACE Welfare State Futures programme: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Further information

All relevant documents are provided at:

NORFACE Coordination Office please contact at:

Contact persons at the DFG:

In order to support researchers to find potential partners in other countries to build eligible trans-national research consortia, a Welfare State Futures Partner Search Tool has been set up by the National Science Centre of Poland:

Please note:
The Link to the Welfare State Futures Partner Search Tool has been added.