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Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 58 | 12. November 2012
DFG Increases Efforts in Enhancing Indo-German Academic Collaboration in the Humanities and Social Sciences

First ever Indo-German Workshop on Historiography in New Delhi / Signing of the First Bilateral Agreement for Joint Project Funding in the Social Sciences between India and Germany

The “1st Indo-German Workshop on Historiography”, jointly supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), will be held in New Delhi from 16 to 18 November 2012. 

The workshop is being coordinated by Professor Christoph Cornelissen, member of the DFG Senate and Professor at the Department of History, University of Frankfurt, Germany, and Professor Bhairabi Prasad Sahu, Department of History, University of Delhi, India. The DFG and the ICHR are cooperating with each other for the first time to bring together leading German and Indian historians to deliberate a broad scope of themes, e.g. maritime history with special reference to Indian Ocean in transcultural perspective, environmental history, history of labour, urban and social history. By DFG and ICHR support the workshop gives leading historians a platform to exchange information on the research activities in their respective areas of specialisation and facilitate them to identify specific themes of mutual interest which can lead to bilateral research projects or to establishing network projects between the historians of the two countries.

On 19 November DFG Vice-President Professor Peter Funke, Head of the DFG delegation, will sign a bilateral agreement between the Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR) and the DFG for joint research funding of Indo-German cooperation in the social sciences. The purpose is to initiate new contacts and intensify the already existing ones between Indian and German social scientists – including young researchers. The agreement facilitates bilateral workshops and mutual research visits/stays. The criteria of selection will be based on the quality and the feasibility of the project proposal.

The ICSSR, an autonomous organisation of the Ministry of Human Resource Development as part of the Government of India, is the only national funding agency which has been vested with the responsibility of providing research grants in the field of social sciences. In addition, ICSSR provides maintenance and development grants to 27 research institutes. These institutes constitute an important mechanism for implementing the Council’s policy of dispersal of research talents and building up of research capabilities in the different regions of the country, particularly in the areas where social science research is not yet well developed.

Further Information

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