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Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 25 | 25. Mai 2012
Postponed Deadline for “Nachwuchsakademie OFFSPRing”

The deadline for applications for the “Nachwuchsakademie OFFSPRing – OFFering Scientific Perspectives in Reproduction” has been postponed to 30 June 2012. The Nachwuchsakademie is a DFG-funded programme that supports selected young researchers in the compilation of their first full DFG proposal. It aims to enable young researchers a mid- to long term perspective in reproduction science and to generate their own academic identity as well as to strengthen the field in reproductive science and to create a sustainable scientific environment. Up to twelve participants will selected for OFFSPRing.

Young scientists and clinicians who are at an early postdoc level (up to six years after their doctorate), can apply for the participation in the OFFSPRing programme by providing a full CV, list of publications and a short 2–3 pages draft of their pilot project by e-mail. The target group consists of young scientists/clinicians who have compiled their doctorate degrees in the field of reproductive sciences, ideally in the areas of physiology, cell biology, endocrinology or embryology. The participant should have experience in research laboratories and be familiar with common laboratory procedures and methods. Ideally participants should have performed independent experimental research projects focussing on in vitro or in vivo model systems using animals or humans.

The decision for participation in OFFSPRing will be based on the applicants CV as well as the quality and potential of the submitted research proposal. Selection criteria will strictly rely on the scientific standing of the candidates. Excluded are candidates who already have obtained individual DFG grants. DFG funded fellowships are no exclusion criteria. Successful applicants will be informed in July 2012.

Further information

For further information please see the Calls for Proposals No. 20, published on 10 May 2012:

Further information on the OFFSPRing programme can be obtained by visiting the website:

or from the coordinator of OFFSPRing:

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Schlatt,
    Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology,
    University of Muenster,
    Albert-Schweitzer-Campus 1, D11,
    48129 Muenster,
    Phone +49 251 83-56099,
    Fax +49 251 83-54800,
    Link auf E-MailStefan.Schlatt@ukmuenster.de