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Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 08 | 18. Januar 2009
NSFC/DFG-Joint funding programme "Molecular Principles of Stem Cell Biology"

The National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) announce a joint funding programme with the topic "Molecular Principles of Stem Cell Biology".

Long term development as well as recent advances in the field have demonstrated the potential that lies within stem cell research and highlighted the ongoing demand for coordinated research funding. The joint call creates a forum of Sino-German collaborative projects to address basic mechanisms of stem cell biology with a focus on self renewal, differentiation and reprogramming.

Tandem projects of one or two applicants from each of the two countries investigating

  • embryonic stem (ES) cell self renewal and pluripotency maintenance,
  • mechanisms governing the lineage specific differentiation of ES cells and
  • somatic cell reprogramming mediated by transcription factors

are encouraged. Furthermore, eligibility requirements for German applicants correspond to those of DFG's Priority Programmes allowing proposals from researchers from all disciplines who work at research institutions in Germany (not including those institutes which only pursue commercial purposes).

Joint proposals must be submitted to NSFC and DFG (in English) by Friday 20 March 2009 with the keyword "stem cell biology - joint Sino-German call".
Chinese scientists apply for funding in accordance with NSFC's rules and German scientists in accordance with DFG's rules, basically following DFG's guidelines for proposals.

Each application shall include at least the following appendices (in English):

  • joint application form
  • joint abstract (no more than one page in length)
  • joint research plan (no more than 15 pages), which shall also include
  • a description of the added value to be expected from the collaboration,
  • a clear description of the planned research collaboration with responsibilities of both partners,
  • a description of the basis of the Chinese-German collaboration,
  • a description of the project's significance to researcher training and to the development of the research environment
  • justification for requested costs shall be stated in the research plan
  • curriculae vitae for the principal investigators of both partners
  • lists of relevant publications (up to five) of the principal investigators of both partners

It is anticipated that funding of the collaborative projects will be able to commence in January 2010. Funding proposals can be made for a three-year period.

Due to legal restrictions of research with human embryonic stem cells in Germany the applicants are obligated to observe the German embryo protection law and the stem cell act.

Weiterführende Informationen

For further information please contact: Dr. Tobias Grimm, Tel. +49 228 885-2325, Tobias.Grimm@dfg.de