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Positions in DFG-Funded Projects

The following scientific positions from DFG-funded projects are currently open:

PhD Position (TVL 13, 75%, maximum grant period three years), DFG Research Project: "North African representations of Antiquity as forms of late antique and postcolonial knowledge production", University Mannheim

Starting on: 01.10.2016
Application deadline: 15.07.2016

4 PhD Student positions (65%, German TV-L E13, m/f) and 5 Postdocs positions (100%, German TV-L E13, m/f), Collaborative Research Centre 1218, University of Cologne

Starting on: by 1st of July 2016
Application deadline: 29.07.2016

1 Postdoctoral Position, Research Training Group 1953 "Statistical Modeling of Complex Systems and Processes - Advanced Nonparametric Approaches", University of Mannheim and Heidelberg University

Starting on: 01.09.2016
Application deadline: 01.08.2016

PhD Position in Mathematics (75%), Numerics of Riemann-Hilbert Problems and Operator Determinants, within the SFB TRR109 "Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics" at the TU München

Starting on: vsl. 01.10.16
Application deadline: 01.08.2016

1 Postdoctoral position (100%, TV-L 13, 2 years), DFG Project "Retikulate Evolution and Hybridization willows (Salix L.)", University of Göttingen

Starting on: 01.01.2017 (plus/minus one month)
Application deadline: 15.08.2016

2 PhD positions (TV-L E13, 65%) and 2 PhD schlolarships, Graduate School 1046 "Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies", Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and Universität Regensburg

Starting on: 15.11.2016
Application deadline: 15.08.2016

8 PhD Positions (65% TV-L E13), International Research Training Group 1902 “Intra- and interorgan communication of the cardiovascular system”, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

Starting on: 01.10.2016
Application deadline: 19.08.2016

5 PhD positions (65%, TV-L E 13), Research Training Group 2202 „Transport across and into membranes", University of Freiburg

Starting on: zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt
Application deadline: 19.08.2016

3 PhD Positions (75% TV-L E13), International Reserach Training Group 2101 "Guided light, tightly packed: novel concepts, components and applications", Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Starting on: 01.03.2017
Application deadline: 31.08.2016

4 MD Scholarships and 2 PhD Scholarships, Integrated Research Training Group of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 974 "Communication and System Relevance in Liver Injury and Regeneration", Clinic of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Infectious Diseases, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Starting on: 01.05.2016
Application deadline: 10.09.2016

2 postdoctoral positions (Research Associates), DFG Research Training Group 1878, "Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies", Universities of Cologne and Bonn

Starting on: 01.01.2017 and 01.04.2017
Application deadline: 15.09.2016

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Information on Publishing Job Postings / Contact

If you wish to publish a job posting on this page, we ask - in the interest of short processing times and fast publication - that you observe the following guidelines:

The position must be announced within the scope of a DFG-funded project.

Please send us the German or English text written by you with the necessary details and contact information for the description of the position as an RTF or PDF document via e-mail to the address below. Formulate a brief link text for this page according the following pattern:

  • Position designation (if applicable, the number of positions),

  • Project title and location,

  • Starting date,

  • Application deadline.

If no application deadline is specified for the respective position, the announcement will be deleted one month after it is published on this page (s.: v.u. = valid until).

In case of questions, please provide the name of the person responsible for your job posting.

Send the job posting via e-mail to:


  • Subject: "Job posting"

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