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Research Assistants in Research Projects

Even after the doctorate, you are able to participate in a DFG-funded project. You have the opportunity to gain qualifications and build networks to further improve your scientific career prospects. As a qualified researcher, you will contribute substantially to advancing the project. As a rule, you will additionally get the opportunity to teach. As with any other member of the research team, you have the right to use the approved funds, in concurrence with the project leader, i.e. to undertake research trips or attend scientific conferences and congresses.

Please note: Individual projects differ greatly in duration. When submitting the proposal, the project leader is responsible for defining how long it will run. As a rule, individual projects last approximately 3 to 5 years, while projects in coordinated programmes run for up to twelve years.

Please note: Proposals for staff positions may not be submitted directly to the DFG. Projects generally announce their positions on their websites, in national newspapers or in specialist journals. Information on DFG-funded projects is available in the GEPRIS database as well as in the lists of Priority Programmes, Collaborative Research Centres or Research Units.

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