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The DFG Review Process

For individual grant programmes, the DFG Head Office approaches researchers who have a broad knowledge of the fields involved in the proposals, are unbiased and independent according to the DFG's rules and who are suitable and experienced. Proposals for coordinated programmes are reviewed by review panels who jointly are sufficiently familiar with all the research areas involved in the proposals. The panel must be independent, include at least one member of a review board and able to conduct constructive discussions.

The DFG reviewers assess proposals on

  • their scientific quality
  • the applicants' qualifications
  • objectives and work programme
  • employment opportunities
  • planned allocation of funding

and in coordinated programmes, on

  • the quality and added value of the collaboration
  • plus programme-specific criteria

After review, the proposal goes through the next steps of the decision-making process. Further quality assurance is undertaken by the review boards, there is another formal examination by DFG Head Office and the decision is taken by the bodies responsible.

Guidelines / information on the review process

Instructions and guidelines on the various DFG programmes provide comprehensive information about the review process. A list of all the documents is available under the "Main Listing" tab. The list can be sorted with the Use filter, for example, by "Review" (currently only available in German).

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