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Information for reviewers

The scientific review of proposals submitted to the DFG is an integral part of the DFG's funding process. Each year, the DFG solicits assessments from approximately 10,000 reviewers from within Germany and abroad. They are selected by the Head Office on the basis of their expertise and volunteer to evaluate proposals according to scientific excellence, relevance and originality. After extensive examination, they make their recommendation, which later forms the basis for a decision in the respective decision-making body.

The choice of reviewers ensures that each significant aspect of a proposal receives competent attention. The reviewers are reputable researchers in their respective fields; they have the overview necessary for making objective assessments. During the selection process, the Head Office takes great care to ensure that there is no appearance of bias, e.g. through cooperation or competition, teacher/student relationships, reciprocal reviews, etc.

For written reviews, the next step is for the review boards, whose members are selected from amongst the scientific community, to evaluate the selection of reviewers and their statements made in the reviews in order to formulate a funding recommendation for all the proposals submitted in a given subject area. This recommendation is presented to the respective bodies so that they can make a decision.

At least one member of a review board must always be present at the review panels. The Head Office votes on the choice of reviewer with this/these member(s).

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