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Proposal - Review - Decision

The DFG does not provide any funding without a proposal; nor are proposals approved before they have passed through a multi-level review process. The "DFG Proposal Process" pages summarise information for applicants, reviewers and committee members and provides links to useful material on submitting a proposal and the DFG's procedures for processing it.

Information for applicants

The "Information for applicants" pages describe the steps you must take in order to apply for the correct funding for your project.

Information for reviewers

Reviewers are researchers who work for the DFG on a voluntary basis. Depending on the funding programme, they review funding proposals during meetings or in writing. A member of a review board is always present at the review panels. Written reviews are then assessed in the review boards.

Information for committee members

A number of DFG committees whose members serve in a voluntary capacity play an important part in the decision-making process.

Additional Information

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