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An important part in the decision-making process is played by a number of DFG committees with members who serve in an honorary capacity. After the review, the process is scientifically evaluated by the review board responsible. For proposals for the coordinated programmes, the review panel includes at least one member of a review board. After another formal check by the DFG Head Office, the proposal is passed to the relevant decision-making bodies. For individual grants this is the Senate and then the Joint Committee; for other programmes it is the appropriate Senate and Grants committees.

For more information about the statutory bodies, see the "DFG in Profile" page.

Electronic Decisions in elan

elan - the DFG's portal for applicants, reviewers and committee members

GEPRIS: Funded projects

GEPRIS holds information about the content and objectives of research projects and about the scientists and research institutions participating in them.

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The members of the DFG's statutory bodies are elected at the annual General Assembly which decides on the scientific members of the Senate and its committees and also on the Joint Committee and the Grants Committee. The members of the Executive Committee are also elected by the General Assembly. The members of the review boards on the other hand are chosen in a ballot in which over 100,000 researchers at German institutions are eligible to vote. They are therefore a particularly faithful representation of the scientific community.

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