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Trilateral projects

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Name of Funding Instrument

Trilateral projects


The funding of trilateral projects with the involvement of German, Israeli and Palestinian researchers is intended to support peaceful development in the Middle East. In suitable cases, instead of or in addition to the Palestinian partner, a researcher from another neighbouring country of Israel may be integrated in a trilateral project.

Eligibility Requirements

Researchers in all disciplines at German research institutions who have completed research training (generally a doctorate) with due regard for the rules relating to the duty to cooperate (Guidelines 55.01).

Not eligible: Employees of institutions with purely commercial aims; employees of institutions which are not permitted to publish results in a generally accessible form.

Type and Extent of Funding

Research grant (Guidelines 50.01); for the foreign partners, financial resources for staff, travel, consumables and scientific equipment (up to €10 000). The DFG funds the project costs of all three partners. The German recipient passes on the funds to the Israeli and Palestinian partners as set out in the award.

Funding Duration

As a rule, funding is provided for six years (with a 3-year initial phase)

Proposal Deadlines

First proposal (up to three years): No submission deadline,

Renewal proposal (up to three years)

Forms and Guidelines

Forms and Guidelines

Additional Information

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