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Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Pilot Phases for Digitising Specific Material Types

For some types of material, the methodological, technical and organisational frameworks for large-scale digitisation measures were clarified in pilot phases funded by the DFG between 2013 and 2015. The aim was to set up the necessary infrastructures, establish example workflows and define standards and, in close consultation with the relevant scientific disciplines, to establish criteria for selecting and prioritising the materials to be digitized.

Pilot phases were funded for the following types of material:

  • Digitisation of archival material
  • Digitisation of historic newspapers
  • Digitisation of medieval manuscripts

The final reports for the pilot phases are being evaluated by the responsible statutory bodies of the DFG. Once all the relevant information is available and the necessary preconditions have been established, it will be possible to develop appropriate funding offers. Until then, no proposals can be accepted for the digitisation of these groups of materials. The pilot phases have already resulted in guides for the implementation of digitisation projects for archival sources and medieval manuscripts.

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