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Information on the Open Access Transition Agreements Call

The aim of the global initiative for the transition of academic research publishing to open access (OA2020) is to change the funding flows for high-quality research journals. In future, payment is no longer to be made for access to articles, but for their publication in open access. This can be achieved through agreements between library consortia and publishing companies. All researchers at an institution participating in the agreement will be able to publish in open access without expense to themselves.

Research libraries and other information providers play an important role in the open access transition, since this is where agreements are concluded and acquisition budgets and often open access funds are managed. Libraries are also central points of contact and advice for local researchers.

As part of a call for proposals, the DFG supports the conclusion of agreements with publishers to cover the costs of open access publishing together with licence fees. In addition, models for the reallocation of funds to central information providers can be developed, and process adjustments for open access transition agreements can be supported in order to meet structural challenges at higher education institutions in connection with the open access transition. Consortia can also apply for funds for the evaluation of transition agreements.

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