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Scientific Networks

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In Brief

Scientific Networks

Name of Funding Instrument

Research Grant


To promote scientific exchange

Eligibility Requirements

Qualified early career researchers (as a rule, those holding a doctorate) working at German research institutions are eligible to submit proposals.

Researchers working at institutions which serve purely commercial purposes or those who are not permitted to publish findings in a generally accessible form are not eligible to apply.

Proposal Requirements

The network must work together to achieve a specific research goal, e.g. a joint publication, a research project, an exhibition, etc.

Type and Extent of Funding

Funding for travel and maintenance costs for 3-6 meetings of network participants, including funding for up to two guests per conference as applicable, miscellaneous costs (e.g. coordinative activities), publication allowance.

Funding Duration

3 years maximum

Proposal Deadlines

First proposal: no submission deadline

Forms and Guidelines

Forms and Guidelines

Additional Information

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