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Reinhart Koselleck Projects

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In Brief

Reinhart Koselleck Projects

Name of Funding Instrument

Reinhart Koselleck Projects


To enable outstanding researchers with a proven scientific track record to pursue exceptionally innovative or higher-risk projects

Eligibility Requirements

Researchers who hold or are eligible to hold professorships, especially at universities, and who have an outstanding cv and great scientific potential


Proposal Requirements

Exceptionally innovative or higher-risk projects that cannot be funded within the scope of other DFG programmes or within the framework of the applicant’s own institution

Type and Extent of Funding

Funding for staff, scientific instrumentation, consumables, travel, miscellaneous and publication costs. Applicants may request funding from €500,000 up to €1.25 million, for five years, in increments of €250,000.


Funding Duration

5 years

Proposal Deadlines

No submission deadlines apply.

Forms and Guidelines

Forms and Guidelines

Additional Information

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