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In Brief

Emmy Noether Programme


To provide early career researchers with the opportunity to rapidly qualify for a leading position in science and research or for a university teaching career by leading an independent junior research group and assuming relevant teaching duties

To recruit early career researchers working abroad (back) to Germany


Eligibility Requirements

Early career researchers from all disciplines

  • generally up to 4 years after obtaining a doctorate,
  • as a rule two years of postdoctoral experience,
  • substantial international research experience, as a rule evidenced by a research stay abroad of at least 12 months during the doctoral or postdoctoral phase or by comparable scientific cooperation with researchers abroad (the collaboration may have resulted in a relevant publication),
  • rapid completion of research training.

Foreign applicants are expected to continue their scientific career in Germany following completion of the funding period. This intent must be confirmed by the applicant and submitted with the proposal.

Previous scientific track record, outstanding publications in high-ranking international specialist journals or comparable

Proposal Requirements

Excellent research project

Funding Duration

As a rule 5, maximum of 6 years


Proposal Deadlines

No submission deadlines

Forms and Guidelines

Forms and Guidelines

Time to Decision

Approximately 6 months

Additional Information

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