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In Brief

Research Training Groups


Promoting young graduates in research

Eligibility Requirements

Universities or Equivalent Higher Education Institutions

Proposal Requirements

Research programme - high scientific quality and originality (interdisciplinary approach desired) at an international level


Qualification programme - of direct relevance to the research programme, including innovative teaching and supervision elements, which should clearly extend beyond the courses (doctoral colloquia) usually offered in doctorate programmes


Visiting researcher programme - integrated into the qualification programme, adding internationalisation to the training provided


Type and Extent of Funding

Posts for doctoral researchers and postdocs.


Grants and fellowships for doctoral researchers, postdocs, applicants holding a degree from a university of applied science (Fachhochschule) or a Bachelor's degree.


Funds for visiting researchers, research students, travel, workshops, small equipment, consumables, coordination, miscellaneous.


Funding Duration

Per funding period: 4.5 years; maximum funding duration: 9 years


Proposal Deadlines

Draft proposals: no deadline


Establishment proposals – following consultation with the DFG’s Head Office – are accepted at any time.


Forms and Guidelines

Forms and Guidelines

Time to Decision

Nine months maximum. An additional three to four months are required to assess draft proposals.

Additional Information

Important note

New: Electronic submission of RTG draft proposals via elan

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