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Information for reviewers, members of statutory bodies and DFG liaison officers

To successfully promote equal opportunity throughout the DFG's consultation and decision-making process requires the cooperation of all researchers who work for the DFG.

There is no room for non-scientific criteria in the review process. However, appropriate consideration can and should be given to personal factors affecting an applicant. For example, appropriate allowance should be made for longer qualification phases, publication gaps or reduced periods abroad, which are often due to childcare or caring for a family member.

In the Emmy Noether Programme, the only DFG funding programme which still has stipulated deadlines, allowance is made for applicants with family obligations. The period during which applications can be submitted is extended by two years for every child under the age of 12. Detailed information on the scientific evaluation of funding applications is available in the "Guidelines for the Review" in the section "IV. Diversity and Equal Opportunity in the Research System".

The DFG considers all persons who work for the organisation on a voluntary basis as vital multipliers on the ground. It therefore aims to provide individual advice and assistance. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the individuals responsible for equal opportunity at the DFG's Head Office.

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