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Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality

In December 2007 the DFG’s Executive Committee established a commission of experts to develop research-oriented standards on gender equality. The proposed standards were discussed by the DFG’s General Assembly on 2 July 2008, where the majority of the member institutions spoke in favour of the draft, voluntarily committing themselves to implementing the standards. The DFG provides advice and support to the member institutions.

All about the Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality

February 2011 marked a milestone in the implementation of research-orientated standards on gender equality. On this date, the members of the DFG submitted their interim reports illustrating the ways in which they are offering the men and women at their institutions equal opportunities. To allow members to discuss their experiences in implementing the standards before submitting their reports, DFG Vice President Professor Ferdi Schüth invited members to an information event on 27 October 2010 organised by the “Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality” working group.

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Freely accessible online information system that presents examples illustrating the possible breadth of gender equality measures in research and teaching in keeping with the DFG's Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality.

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