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Information for Researchers No. 53 | 2 August 2017
German-South African Cooperation in Supporting Research Careers

DFG and NRF establish joint application for International Research Training Groups

The National Research Foundation South Africa (NRF) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) are pleased to announce their cooperation in funding bilateral doctoral programmes. To jointly support German-South African International Research Training Groups (IRTG), NRF and DFG have agreed on a coordinated application and funding process.

The application process conforms to the default mechanism for Research Training Groups: The German-South African consortium submits a draft proposal through the German host university. The DFG will serve as lead agency and arrange for review according to established procedures for RTG. If a full application is recommended, the joint full proposal must be submitted by 1 October each year, in parallel to DFG and NRF. On the basis of a joint on-site review, DFG and NRF will make a funding decision in spring of the following year.

The opportunity is open to all disciplines. Funding is available on both sides for a maximum of nine years. As additional support mechanism, both DFG and the NRF will make funds available to support preparatory meetings for IRTG applications.

Further Information

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