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Germany's Excellence Initiative aims to promote top-level research and to enhance the quality of German universities and research institutions. The DFG is jointly responsible for running the initiative together with the German Council of Science and Humanities.

The Excellence Initiative provides funding for graduate schools, clusters of excellence and institutional strategies. In June 2009 the German federal and state governments decided to continue the Excellence Initiative, providing a total of €2.7 billion for the second five-year phase from 2012-2017.

Facts and Figures

In June 2009 the federal and state governments approved continuing the Excellence Initiative for another five years (2012 through 2017), allocating €2.7 billion in funding. [ more ]

Review and Decision-making Process

Before a cluster of excellence or a graduate school is approved the project is examined and evaluated in a two-stage process. [ more ]

Strengthening Top-Level University Research

Focussing attention on the outstanding achievements of Germany universities and the German scientific community [ more ]

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