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Research Information Systems

GEPRIS – German Project Information System

GEPRIS was set up over 15 years ago to provide information on DFG-funded research projects. The information ranges from project content and objectives to participating researchers and research facilities. In 2010, GEPRIS began publishing the findings of DFG-funded research in the form of abstracts and select publication titles. Information is sourced from final reports submitted to the DFG. Contact:

- Link auf E-Mailgepris@dfg.de

GEPRIS-App – In touch with science

GEPRIS on the go: Identical to the online version in terms of content, the app provides access to DFG-funded research projects with a user interface designed specially for tablets. The iPad app is available for free from the Apple App Store. Contact:

- Link auf E-Mailgepris@dfg.de

Research Explorer – Forschungsverzeichnis

The Research Explorer, the research directory of the DFG and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), contains over 25,000 institutes at German universities and non-university research institutions, searchable by name, geographic location, subject and other structural criteria. Listings contain current postal and internet addresses. Contact: 

- Link auf E-Mailinstitutionen-extern@dfg.de

RIsources – Research Infrastructure Portal

RIsources (RI = Research Infrastructure) is a portal operated by the DFG containing information in a compact form about national scientific research infrastructures which provide researchers with resources and services for research projects. Research infrastructures include instrumentation offerings and research services as well as libraries, data repositories and research collections. Contact: 

- Link auf E-MailRI-Portal@dfg.de

Toolbox on Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality

The DFG launched its “toolbox” on gender equality standards on 1 July 2009. This unique online information system offers a practical, wide-ranging collection of quality-assured models intended to promote equal opportunity for women and men in research. Contact:

Link auf E-Mailinstrumentenkasten@dfg.de

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