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Current Research Training Groups

Last modified: June 15, 2018

Research Training Groups

Research Training Group 2272
R3 - Responses to biotic and abiotic Changes, Resilience and Reversibility of Lake Ecosystems

General Information

City: Konstanz
Funded: since 2017


Professor Dr. Frank Peeters
Universität Konstanz Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Sektion Fachbereich Biologie Limnologisches Institut
Mainaustraße 252
78464 Konstanz

(For more information on the project, please contact the project’s coordinator(s).)

Applicant Institution

Universität Konstanz
Universitätsstraße 10
78464 Konstanz

DFG Contact

Dr. Sonja Ihle (scientific matters)
Dr. Lea Akkermann (procedural matters)

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