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Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The DFG supports projects from all scientific subject areas and especially promotes interdisciplinary cooperation between researchers. DFG funding enables cooperation between researchers from all branches of the science system as well as the formation of internationally conspicuous priorities at universities and non-university research institutions.

The foundation actively encourages international research cooperation: all of its programmes promote cooperation between scientists and academics in Germany and their colleagues abroad. It places special emphasis on collaboration in the scientific community in the European Research Area.

The DFG funds knowledge-oriented research, and it welcomes and supports the cooperation of science with those who apply science in all areas of social life. This includes the interaction of scientific findings with industry and institutions like museums, academies of music, hospitals, and in public-private partnerships.

Additional Information

Additional Information

The DFG's coordinated funding instruments, such as Priority Programmes, Research Units or Collaborative Research Centres, not only aim to promote the very best research through scientific competition, but also seek to encourage cooperation between researchers and contribute to creating efficient research structures.

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