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Early Career Support

The DFG honours the best researchers with funding and, at the same time, gives them the means and freedom necessary for successful research.

One of the DFG’s key objectives is the promotion of young scientists and researchers and it therefore offers them programmes which provide appropriate support at every phase of their qualification. It is especially committed to the early independence of young researchers, and supports the acquisition of talented scientists and academics from at home and abroad for German research.

The DFG funds excellent science without regard to extra-scientific factors. Equal treatment of men and women and broad representation of the scientific disciplines in the self-government of the DFG ensure the diversity and originality required for outstanding research.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Outstanding science and research need creative people and innovative ideas. This is why the DFG's funding portfolio places particular emphasis on supporting young researchers. Based on academic excellence, flexible funding instruments are tailored to meet the specific needs of young scientists and academics, thereby enabling them to pursue their research careers.

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