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Strategic Orientation in an International Context

Research, as an open system, is international. It thrives on the exchange of arguments, ideas and stimuli and on both cooperation and competition, irrespective of national borders. One of the DFG's main responsibilities is to offer the best possible support to international cooperation wherever this serves the interests of research.

The DFG is actively involved in the formulation of international research policy. In line with its international and European strategy, it is represented in various scientific and science policy organisations and bodies at international and European level and maintains relations with a large number of foreign partner organisations all over the world. The DFG's presence abroad helps to intensify cooperation with particular countries and continents. The DFG promotes Germany as a place of research through international research marketing.

International Strategy

The DFG's international activities are governed by its international strategy.

DFG Representation Abroad

The DFG has a presence in several countries and continents.

The DFG in Europe

The DFG is engaged in a wide range of activities in Europe.

International Networks and Organisations

The DFG is active in many international networks.

Partner Organisations Worldwide

The DFG has a large number of partner organisations all over the world.

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